Assisted Living At The Moorings

811 E. Central Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005



Arlington Heights, IL is the home for Assisted Living At The Moorings, located in 60005. Continuing Care and Assisted Living are specialties at Assisted Living At The Moorings. Continuing Care Communities are a great place for aging boomers and seniors to move in to during early retirement while they are at a healthy independent stage, that will continue to care for the resident as their needs change. . Assisted Living is an area where you can live independently and privately but assistance for daily activities is provided. This assistance may be in the area of dressing, showering, medication reminders, meals, and social activities. Different programs suit different seniors' needs for assistance. Our nursing home is a facility where skilled nursing is provided for all or part of the day, where your loved ones can have their medical needs attended to. The Memory Care and Alzheimer's unit provides medical care, but this has a much more extensive security process. Many residents here have short term and long term memory issues, such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. This unit would help these residents to stay secure and safe. Please contact Assisted Living At The Moorings today for more information about this retirement community, or check out other properties located in Arlington Heights, IL.