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3 Healthy Substitutes for Fatty Foods

When it comes to dieting, you may have tried just about everything.

Before you embark on your next dietary adventure, step back for a second. There’s an easier way to watch your weight that doesn’t involve consuming copious amounts of uncommon foods or counting the minutes between meals.

Instead, eat exactly what you normally would with a few slight modifications. When preparing your meals, substitute out some of the fattier ingredients for healthier options. Your favorite meals and snacks will taste mostly the same, and you’ll be much healthier in the process.

Here are a few tips on how to substitute healthier ingredients into your meals:

Spice up your sandwiches: Making a delicious sandwich but want to hold the mayo? Consider using hummus or avocado as an alternate sandwich spread. Both hummus and avocado are significantly healthier than mayonnaise, and they still give you a nice, tasty spread to spice up your sandwiches.

Enjoy a healthier salad: Compared to hamburgers and pizza, salad is a pretty healthy alternative, but still can be improved. While iceberg and romaine lettuce are healthy, they are mostly water and don’t carry as many nutritional benefits as dark leafy greens. Consider substituting your everyday lettuce for spinach, arugla, watercress or kale, which are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Responsibly satisfy your sweet tooth: Dessert isn’t always the enemy. Believe it or not, it’s possible to have a tasty and healthy dessert. Consider swapping out your ice cream for sorbet, sherbert or low-fat frozen yogurt — all of which give you a delicious frozen treat without as many calories. If you’re a cookie connoisseur, give fig bars or cookie thins a try.

Do you have any favorite healthy alternatives or substitutes? Feel free to share your culinary secrets in the comments below!

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