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4 Exercise Activities You Should Be Doing

It may be obvious that we need exercise at any age, but sometimes it’s difficult to simply find the time. The good news is that, in reality, you only need about two and a half hours of physical activity per week, which is really only two 10-15 minute sessions a day, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. The benefits of exercise will ultimately help you in the long run with mobility, strength, and flexibility. Staying active should be a priority. It helps you live a healthier, longer life. With these exercises you can easily achieve two and a half hours of weekly physical activity. Before starting ANY exercising, especially a routine, be sure to talk to your doctor. These ideas are suggestions provided by a non-professional.


Talk about being obvious! But in reality, walking is an incredibly healthy cardio exercise. If you don’t do strength training, then you most likely have less muscle mass. Walking doesn’t deplete your muscle mass, making it a great cardiovascular exercise. Running at a light to moderate pace (light jogging) is also a good exercise, but running at a fast pace can cause your muscles to deplete if you do not consume enough protein. 10 – 15 minutes of walking is easy. 20 – 30 minutes a day can help with balance, mobility, and strength. If you plan on running, limit yourself to 15 minutes once a day as a beginner and increase from there.

Swimming and Biking

Another no brainer! Biking is especially great for lower body mobility and flexibility. Biking helps with strengthening calves and quadtricep muscles, which helps immensely in daily activity. It also makes you use your knee joints and assists with flexibility. Swimming is an incredibly helpful exercise that makes you use lots of muscles without putting much strain on them. 20 – 30 minutes of these exercises are great to do at least once a week. Biking to the store and back would be an exercise in itself while swimming, let’s face it, you’ll end up swimming longer than 20 minutes during summer time!

Strength Training

Lifting weights seems like it may be difficult. The good news is you’re not body building, therefore adding unnecessary weight is well… unnecessary. But adding some weight will definitely assist in building and maintaining muscle growth, allowing simple activities to become easier for you. Lifting weights assists with strengthening back muscles, which are often used when lifting heavy items, arm muscles for carrying heavy items such as groceries, and leg muscles which help your daily mobility as well as the majority of physical activity you may experience throughout the day.


Stretching is incredibly helpful for the body, especially if you’re doing other exercises. Your muscles need to stretch to improve flexibility as well as help muscles heal, especially if you do any strength training. Exercises like simple stretching or yoga are very relaxing! So, it’s a win-win!

Consider this weekly routine to start out, then switch it up.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.36.48 PM
Disclaimer: Talk to your doctor before any exercising routine to make sure this is for you.

It takes time to feel a difference. Stick to your exercise plan for at least a month to make a habit out of it and be sure to stay tuned for more exercising ideas!

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