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5 Herbs and Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors

There’s nothing like a meal made with fresh ingredients, yet the price tag on fresh, organically grown herbs and vegetables can be quite discouraging. Thankfully, you can grow some of your favorite ingredients from the comfort of your own home or apartment!

  1. Cilantro

Probably one of the most popular herbs in modern cuisine, and also one of the easiest to grow indoors. You’ll need a pot at least 10 inches deep, and 18 inches wide, and a south-facing window, as cilantro needs about six to eight hours of daily sunlight. Let the soil dry up a little before each watering, which you should do daily.

  1. Garlic

It may not be the best for your breath, but garlic is an absolute must in every kitchen. You’ll need a head of garlic, and a large pot (at least 8-10 inches per clove) and a place with sufficient sunlight and air. Water every other day.

  1. Radish

Oh, radishes! So tasty and so easy to grow year-round. You’ll need a very large container (10+ inches). Sow the seeds about ½ an inch deep and two inches apart from one another. It is important to keep them near a window, but be sure to remove them from direct sunlight on extremely hot days. Water daily and they’ll be ready to enjoy within a few weeks! Radishes are great in salads, pastas and soups. Try them with creamy ricotta cheese for a taste bud explosion!

  1. Green Onions

Growing green onions will probably be the easiest gardening project of your life! Purchase your green onions at the supermarket. Keep the last 1-2 inches of a few, placing them in a jar filled with water. Refill the jar when the water gets low and cut as needed in the kitchen. You may also extend their life by planting them in soil (use an 8-inch pot) and watering them with plenty of water on a daily schedule. Green onions are great for garnishes!

  1. Peppers (Cherry and Banana)

Peppers need a hot and warm environment to thrive, and if you can provide such a spot (at least 70 degrees), you have the opportunity to grow a nice pepper supply! Banana and cherry peppers are the best to grow indoors, though they require plenty of space. You’ll need a 3-5 gallon container and plenty of sunlight. For best results, use sprouts, not seeds. Water regularly and generously.

Don’t be afraid to try new herbs, spices and veggies! Think of all the possibilities – mint, tomatoes, basil, etc. Not only will you “spice” up your dishes, you can do it right from your own home. Growing your own herbs and vegetables is easy, rewarding and fun.

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