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5 Summer Activities That Are Also Great Exercises

Summer is one of the most active seasons, which could be surprising to some since it tends to be too hot for physical activity. But, summer time is ideal for water-related activities, and it is also great for evening or early morning exercises that help start the day with a bang or end the day in a relaxing way. The great news is these five summer activities are fun and you won’t even notice you’re exercising!


Gardening might not seem like an exercise, but it actually is. It involves a lot of movement and by the time you’re done, you’ll have been moving and carrying items for at least a couple hours which is much more than the minimum requirement for daily activity. If you don’t have a garden of your own, get involved with a community garden which could also assist in helping you make new friends who share the same interests as you!

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Let’s face it, swimming is a known exercise and summer is the perfect time to swim! Whether you are leisurely swimming or signing up for a water aerobics class, taking a dip will help you stay in shape while helping you beat the heat!

Healthy Picnic and Hike

Spend a day doing a fun activity like hiking! While you’re at it, bring some foods with you  to set up for a picnic halfway through your journey. Hiking is an incredible exercise, and if you’ve got forests in your area, then it will also be cool enough for you to walk for hours. Bring a bird watching book along so that you can bird watch as well. By the time you’re done, it won’t even have felt like a long walk!

Kayaking, Canoeing, or Paddle Boating

If you don’t want to swim but want to beat the heat, stay near the water or in the water. Kayaking is an incredible exercise which primarily uses your upper body strength, same with canoeing if you want a partner to join. Whether it’s a lake, an ocean, or a river, kayaking and canoeing will be an exercise that you won’t even realize is happening because of how much fun you’ll be having! You may also want to consider taking part in paddle boating, which uses lower body strength instead. It’s also an incredibly fun activity that doubles as exercise.


Whether you have a balcony or want to stay indoors, yoga makes for a perfect evening exercise in the summer. Yoga makes you use your muscles while simultaneously stretching them – for increased flexibility. It is a much more relaxing exercise than any of the others and a much more fun form of stretching than regular stretching. If you plan to do yoga outdoors in the summer, be sure to drink plenty of water! Drinking extra water and doing yoga in a hot environment (like hot house yoga), acts as a form of detoxification for your body due to excessive perspiration.

No matter what your plans are for summer, be sure you get your necessary exercising in and stay hydrated!

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