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6 Perks of Care Communities and Assisted Living

The perks of care communities and assisted living comes down to the basic first question many ask themselves; why should I downsize? You’ve worked hard and maybe you have a home to call your own. but just as you would choose between an apartment or a home, there are perks of each which make it a difficult decision to make. So to help you go back to before you purchased a home, we’re looking at perks of care communities and assisted living, that make your life so much easier and care-free.

No Maintenance to Worry About

That is one of the main complaints many renters have when thinking about owning a home. The maintenance is all on your shoulders and it’s extra cost. Whether it’s a pipe leak, toilet not flushing, stove not working, or even simply cutting the grass, it can add up in time and money. In assisted living communities, and in all rental homes, it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Making life that much easier.

Less to Clean

Compact spaces do have a benefit. You’re wondering why to downsize? Well cleaning less is already a perk that will mean a lot. Even though you’re used to a larger space, doesn’t mean it’s necessary now in this particular moment of your life. And not having to worry about all the stuff that has accumulated of the years, that’s let’s face it, has turned some of your bedrooms into storage rooms. If you purge things that you more than likely won’t need again, you’ll see that you have more room than you really need. Throw a yard sale and find out for yourself!

San Francisco Care Community

It’s Economical

If you’re a homeowner and haven’t paid off your mortgage, then you know the struggle. It’s just on-going bills that seem like they will never have an end. But even if you have paid off your mortgage, you’re still paying taxes, and for some properties, it’s more than rent! Add that to maintenance cost and you’re paying more for the upkeep of your house than you’d be paying for assisted living or a care community.

More Amenities

If your home has a pool, great. But maintenance of a pool isn’t very fun is it? If you don’t have a pool, well then you just have a yard, and that’s not always an amenity of homeownership. Assisted living and care communities have lots of amenities, everything from pools, to tennis courts, to walking paths and trails and staff there for all your needs 24/7. You’ll never be bored.


Active Community Life

Aside from the amenities that help make care communities active communities, lot’s of assisted living and care communities have events for you to partake in. Whether it’s a workout class that you can take with your neighbors, swimming class, or game and movie nights, your community life will be active guaranteed. You’ll just have to worry about having enough time in the day to sign up for all the activities and events!

In-House Medical Care

At most assisted living facilities and communities, you have a nurse on staff that is there for all your medical needs, including emergencies. Having someone there for your health protection and safety is a major perk that you more than likely don’t have at home.

Learn more about assisted living in’s Assisted Living Guide.

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