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Technology Tips for Seniors

When you start thinking about technological gadgets, achievements, and users, you don’t necessarily think of the senior demographic. Unlike the millennial generation, current seniors didn’t grow up with computers, cell phones, tablets and the internet. Some think it is because the devices are too complicated, however, for many, the problem isn’t the device. Many seniors simply aren’t aware of how technology can be incorporated into their interests, health and overall life in general. It’s time to put the confusion to rest!

Many seniors love to travel after they make it to retirement. It’s their opportunity to finally see the world! Having a simple GPS device can improve the trip exponentially. Not having to concentrate on maps while driving, being able to hear the turn by turn navigation, and getting real time traffic updates makes any trip easier. The good news is that a GPS can be incorporated into pretty much any device they prefer. Whether they like working from the phone, computer, tablet or actual GPS device, there is a version out there for everybody!

Staying on top of your health isn’t just for seniors. It is something every age group should take seriously. However, seniors may be interested to hear that you don’t always have to go to a doctor for regular checkups and maintenance. Many tablets and phones have accessories you can buy to check blood pressure, blood sugar, and many other health related tests. Additionally, you can also buy games and puzzles specifically designed to keep your mind engaged and as sharp as ever!

As much as people worry about technology disconnecting us from our real lives, in reality, it has brought people together on an unprecedented level. As family and friends move away for jobs, school, and retirement, keeping up with them in a meaningful way was almost impossible just a few years ago. Now with the implementation of video chats, such as FaceTime and Skype, family and friends can not only talk to each, but visually interact and feel like they are in the same room. There is no better solution for the family that is separated by hundreds of miles.

Technology is nothing to be afraid of. It is simply a matter of leveraging it’s benefits to fit your particular lifestyle and needs. Go out there and see what the world has to offer you, both digitally and naturally!

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