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The Benefits of a Short-Term Rental for Your Family

Even with homesharing apps and hotels as popular and tried-and-true options for extended stays, there are still instances a short-term rental may be more viable. Additionally, after downsizing and moving into a quieter and quaint 55 and better community, you may not have the space to accommodate your children and grandchildren.

Whether your family is coming in from out-of-town for the holidays, a long summer stay, a reunion, or in cases of family emergencies, there are economic reasons you may want to look into booking your family’s extended stay with a more comfortable short-time rental.

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Although pricey, hotels can be fun; fresh daily towels, turn-down service, room service! But after about a week, for the average family size, a hotel stay can break the bank. Plus, your family may be tempted to eat out more and go for unhealthier options. Short-term rentals can offer the same novelty of a hotel at a fraction of the price – about 3% to 50% less – but they can also provide the comfort of being at home with more space, furnished rooms, a full kitchen, and private amenities and appliances. Short-term rentals like corporate housing cater to traveling business people, which means all the inclusions are top notch, and often underused.

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Most hotels have prime real estate, but again, costs can be higher. And with homesharing apps, it may be difficult to find a home that can be both close to your 55 and better community and can hold all your family members. Most short-term rentals, often used by companies for temporary housing of employees and clients, are also located in desirable locations that are close to neighborhoods, attractions, shopping, grocery stores, and restaurants. This allows you to rest easy knowing that when your family visits they will be in a safe location.

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Unfortunately, family emergencies occur. Whether your family needs to come to provide you with healthcare assistance, or even if YOU need to rush out to visit them for the arrival of the newest family member, you have a better chance at finding vacancy with an extended short-term rental… and again, at a better price. Yes, there are last-minute hotel sites that provide this service but often include hidden fees and the amenities may not be ideal. With a short-term rental, the most you or your family may have to worry about are your options.

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Some families move back to their hometown because they miss it, or simply to be closer to mom and dad/grandma and grandpa. However, this can be costly and stressful for your family when they’re transitioning homes; living out of boxes for a few weeks, waiting on closings and repairs, etc. With a short-term rental, your family can stay in a fully functional and comfortable home with all they’ll need on a daily basis while they wait to move in to their new home. This allows for more quality family time in peace.


Short-term rental options aren’t just for your families. If you’re thinking about investing in a timeshare, extended stays give you the option to try out the location you’re interested in to see if it is an area you’d like to visit every year. Head over to our sister site and explore extended stay and short-term rental options for you or your family. You’re sure to find something to suit you and your family’s needs and preferences.

Have you ever stayed in an extended stay, short-term rental, or corporate housing? What was your experience? Please share in the comments section.

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