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Top Cities for Retirement in the US

So you’ve retired, and you’re thinking about moving. Are you looking for a place that’s more affordable? That has better healthcare? That has better weather? Or maybe a place by the ocean?

Our analysis of the infrastructure and amenities of cities throughout the U.S. has resulted in this series of lists for the best places to retire. This data-driven approach gave us some interesting results. You might just be surprised by which cities came out on top.

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The Best Places To Retire According to


In this overall ranking, we combine data across all sectors, including healthcare, weather, finances, activities, socialization and more.

Top 10 Retirement Cities Overall

Minneapolis, MN
San Jose, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Baltimore, MD
Seattle, WA
Philadelphia, PA
Cleveland, OH
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
San Diego, CA

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About the Weather


Whether you want to spend your retirement on the golf course or dining outdoors, living in a location with good weather can be important. We’ve split this category into two sections for those who care about the sun and those who care about the temperature.

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Sunny Weather
This list ranks the number of sunny days, starting with the most.

Phoenix, AZ 211
Las Vegas, NV 210
Fresno, CA 194
Tucson, AZ 193
Sacramento, CA 188
Albuquerque, NM 167
San Jose, CA 160
Reno, NV 158
Jacksonville, FL 144
Oklahoma City, OK 139

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Mild Temperatures
This list analyzes cities for mild temperatures. (Lower numbers are more mild). We based this ranking on cities with the fewest days below freezing or above 90 degrees, and then standardized the data using average relative humidity.

San Jose, CA 1.4
San Diego, CA 1.9
Los Angeles, CA 11
Seattle, WA 23
Daytona Beach, FL 38
Miami, FL 40
Sacramento, CA 41
Palm Beach, FL 46
Norfolk, VA 47
Atlanta, GA 48

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About Money


Whether you’re living on a fixed income or you want to stretch your dollars so you can make the most out of retirement, considering the financials of your retirement city can be important. Because all financial situations are different, we’ve broken this section up into categories for cost of living, property taxes, and capital gains taxes.

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Affordable Living
This list looks at cost of living and daily expenses. The U.S. average is 100, and these cities are ranked starting with the most affordable.

Toledo, OH 87
Detroit, MI 88
Cleveland, OH 89
Omaha, NE 92
Louisville, KY 93
Des Moines, IA 93
Pittsburgh, PA 94
Indianapolis, IN 94
Memphis, TN 94
Tulsa, OK 94

Top 5 Retirement States for Low Property Taxes
This list ranks the statewide property taxes of locations that we’ve identified as retirement-friendly.

Colorado (Colorado Springs, Denver) 0.55%
Washington, D.C. 0.57%
Utah (Salt Lake City) 0.64%
Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson) 0.66% – Tie
New Mexico (Albuquerque) 0.66% – Tie

Top 5 Retirement States for Low Capital Gains Tax
This list ranks the statewide capital gains taxes of locations that we’ve identified as retirement-friendly.

Florida 25%
(Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, Tampa)
Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno) 25%
Tennessee (Memphis) 25%
Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio) 25%
Washington (Seattle, Spokane) 25%

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About Healthcare


Good healthcare needs to be both accessible and high quality. We think both aspects are important because if you live in a city with excellent healthcare quality, it’s only useful if you’re able to get an appointment to see a doctor.

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Accessibility of Healthcare
This list ranks the number of physicians per 100,000 residents. The national average is 207.

Washington, DC 302
Philadelphia, PA 263
Chicago, IL 260
Baltimore, MD 258
Seattle, WA 238
Denver, CO 231
Salt Lake City, UT 229
Milwaukee, WI 226
San Jose, CA 225
Norfolk, VA 223

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Quality of Healthcare
This list ranks the overall quality of healthcare, starting with the best.

Tulsa, OK 44
Boise, ID 44
Kansas City, KS/ MO 43
Cleveland, OH 43
Norfolk, VA 42
Minneapolis, MN 41
Sacramento, CA 41
Reno, NV 39
Jacksonville, FL 39
Toledo, OH 39

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About Safety


Staying safe is also an important part of the ideal retirement city. For this section, we looked at crime rates, but keep in mind that this data is only one factor of a city’s overall safety. Statistically high crime rates could be due to high levels of enforcement, and vice versa.

Top 10 Safest Retirement Cities
This list ranks the total crime per 100,000 residents, including both property crime and violent crime, starting with the lowest crime rates.

Fort Myers, FL 1,970
Boise, ID 2,015
Pittsburgh, PA 2,036
Washington, DC 2,144
San Diego, CA 2,181
San Jose, CA 2,457
Minneapolis, MN 2,603
Philadelphia, PA 2,619
Tampa, FL 2,674
Chicago, IL 2,679

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About Navigation


Not everyone wants to spend their silver years driving a car. Consider cities that are walkable and have good public transportation to give you transportation options as you age.

Top 10 Most Walkable Retirement Cities
This list ranks a city’s walkability, starting with the most-walkable.

Miami, FL 79
Philadelphia, PA 79
Chicago, IL 78
Washington, DC 77
Seattle, WA 73
Palm Beach, FL 72
Baltimore, MD 69
Minneapolis, MN 69
Los Angeles, CA 67
Saint Louis, MO 65

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Public Transportation
This list ranks public transportation availability, starting with best.

Washington, DC 68
Philadelphia, PA 67
Chicago, IL 65
Seattle, WA 60
Minneapolis, MN 58
Miami, FL 57
Baltimore, MD 57
Pittsburgh, PA 54
Los Angeles, CA 51
Milwaukee, WI 49

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About the Arts


Do you intend to spend your retirement being active in the arts? Whether you’re interested in theatre, museums, or music, let’s look at the places that have the highest density of artistic pursuits.

Top 10 Retirement Cities for Culture and the Arts
This list ranks the sum of arts providers, arts dollars spent, and government support of arts, starting with the most artsy.

Minneapolis, MN 299
Saint Louis, MO 299
Washington, DC 298
Denver, CO 295
Philadelphia, PA 294
Pittsburgh, PA 294
Chicago, IL 291
Kansas City, KS/ MO 291
Austin, TX 291
Seattle, WA 290

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About Longevity


Are you thinking about how you can have as many years as possible? It seems that some places may have something in the water, or it could be the lifestyle that certain cities evoke. Whether you will live longer if you move to these cities is impossible to say, of course. However, these are retirement cities in the U.S. where people live the longest.

Top 10 Retirement Cities Where People Live the Longest
This list ranks the average longevity, starting with the oldest.

San Jose, CA 83.1
San Diego, CA 81.4
Seattle, WA 81.4
Los Angeles, CA 81.4
Palm Beach, FL 81.2
Boise, ID 81.1
Minneapolis, MN 81.0
Fort Myers, FL 81.0
Miami, FL 80.90
Raleigh, NC 80.89 (tie)
Austin, TX 80.89 (tie)

Best Retirement Cities If You Care About Socializing


How important is it to you to have a community of peers? We found that some of the best retirement cities have a high percentage of seniors.

Top 10 Retirement Cities To Live Among Your Peers
This list ranks the percent of population over age 65, starting with the highest

Fort Myers, FL 27%
Daytona Beach, FL 24%
Palm Beach, FL 23%
Tucson, AZ 19%
Pittsburgh, PA 18%
St. Louis, MO 17%
Cleveland, OH 17%
Baltimore, MD 17%
Miami, FL 16%
Reno, NV 16%



To complete our research on the best places to retire, we first started with a list of retirement-friendly cities and metro areas that we have identified through our work with senior housing communities. We then used independent sources to gather information on our areas of research. After scoring, adjusting, and ranking, we then compiled the data so that we could identify the top retirement cities in the country.



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