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Top 12 Senior Housing Companies in the United States

If you’re looking for senior housing for yourself or a loved one, chances are you’ll see a few names pop up a lot: Brookdale, Sunrise, Atria. These are among the top senior housing companies in the United States.

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Argentum, a trade association, compiles rankings of senior living providers every year. is providing this review of the top 12, or those companies with the capacity for at least 8,000 residents in 2016.

1. Brookdale Senior Living Solutions

Number of residents (capacity): 101,965

Number of communities:  1,123

Headquarters: Brentwood, Tennessee

About Brookdale Senior Living: Brookdale is the giant among senior living companies, with more than 100,000 residents in over 1,100 communities in 47 states. It also is the largest provider in the country of assisted living (about 57,000 residents) and memory care (about 14,000 residents). Brookdale acquired competitor Emeritus Corp. in 2014, which contributed to its dominance among senior housing providers.

Brookdale Senior Living communities on

2. Holiday Retirement

Residents: 37,645

Communities: 308

Headquarters: Lake Oswego, Oregon

About Holiday Retirement: While Brookdale has the most assisted living and memory care residents in the United States, Holiday has the most independent living residents, about 36,000. Holiday Retirement, in fact, boasts that its founder is often known as “the father of independent retirement living.” Its communities can be found in 43 states. Until recently, Holiday also was known for having live-in managers at its communities, though that practice is ending.

Holiday Retirement communities on

3. Life Care Services

Residents: 28,220

Communities: 140

Headquarters: Des Moines, Iowa

About Life Care Services: Life Care operates senior living communities in 30 states, running the spectrum from independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and continuing care. Its biggest market is the Chicago area, with 11 communities. Its parent company, LCS, operates other senior-living businesses, including home health care.

Life Care Services communities on

4. Five Star Senior Living

Residents: 26,252

Communities: 243

Headquarters: Newton, Massachusetts

About Five Star Senior Living: Five Star is the third-largest provider of both assisted living and memory care in the U.S. It has senior-living communities in 32 states, notably South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Five Star also is known for its dining program, which has included a celebrity chef, a culinary institute and even a recipe book.

Five Star Senior Living communities on

5. Sunrise Senior Living

Residents: 25,585

Communities: 252

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

About Sunrise Senior Living: Sunrise is the second-largest assisted living provider in the country. In fact, the majority of its residents, across 30 states and the District of Columbia, are in assisted living communities. Citing research into the value of pets for seniors, Sunrise touts that its communities are especially pet-friendly. Every Sunrise location has a full-time resident dog and cat, and new residents are encouraged to bring their own pets with them.

6. Erickson Living

Residents: 24,102

Communities: 17

Headquarters: Catonsville, Maryland

About Erickson Living: Erickson mainly provides independent living, though its communities also offer in-home care, on-site medical centers, and continuing care. Erickson has communities in 11 states, largely along the East Coast.

7. Atria Senior Living

Residents: 20,878

Communities: 156

Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

About Atria Senior Living: Atria offers independent living, assisted living and memory care in 27 states. Atria is known for its environmentally friendly practices; several of its communities are LEED-certified as green buildings.

8. Senior Lifestyle Corp.

Residents: 20,650

Communities: 204

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

About Senior Lifestyle Corp.: Senior Lifestyle has communities in 30 states. One of its signature programs is Brain Health University, designed to boost memory function and encourage socialization.

Senior Lifestyle communities on

9. Capital Senior Living Corp.

Residents: 15,800

Communities: 126

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

About Capital Senior Living Corp.: Though it has senior living communities in 23 states, Capital Senior Living is especially prominent in Texas, Indiana and Ohio.

Capital Senior Living communities on

10. Affinity Living Group

Residents: 8,266

Communities: 111

Headquarters: Hickory, North Carolina

About Affinity Living Group: Formerly named Meridian Senior Living, Affinity specializes in assisted living and memory care. It’s communities are concentrated in the Southeast, especially North Carolina.

11. USA Properties Fund

Residents: 8,261

Communities: 56

Headquarters: Roseville, California

About USA Properties Fund: All of USA Properties’ communities are in California or Nevada. It focuses on affordable senior apartments.

12. Enlivant

Residents: 8,240

Communities: 186

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

About Enlivant: Enlivant specializes in assisted living, though it also offers independent living and memory care in some communities. It has communities across 26 states.

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    1. Kimberly Wiliams says:

      Hi Mr. Edelen. I will be 62 in April and live on SS Disability only. I have lived happily in one room at a private home in Richardson,Texas a suburb of Dallas. Sadly the tenants will be moving out of state. I need your help locating a low income housing facility or private home for room mates. I am still mobile with a cane and relatively healthy. No kids. No spouse. One cat (:-). Thank you for any info you can provide.

    2. I’m not quite 50 but am collecting Social Security benefits at the age of 50. I live in a wheelchair and these are the only places that facilitates these A.D.A. Practices. Can I look over and call places?

    3. Antonette Symes says:

      I need a 1 bedroom apt on the,West coast of Florida. I am a 70 year old living on Social Security. Can someone offer me any suggestions. I do not have more than 3 months..


    5. Aurea Rodríguez says:

      Necesary Apt 1 bed end Lancaster PA mi 62 year now not Apt pleace

    6. Sandra P says:

      I’ve been looking for an apartment for my visually impaired mother and myself in the Indianapolis area. The problem is that I make around $38,000 a year so I don’t qualify for affordable housing. I can’t afford a two bedroom apartment for over a thousand dollars a month which is what I’m finding. Currently my mother lives alone but has a caregiver. I know that I need to take care of her but I afraid of moving somewhere above our means. She is 88 and I’m 64.

    7. Chris Hunter says:

      Looking for affordable housing in Southern Jersey. We rent in 55+ single family home but need to explore options to save money.

    8. Sharon Pointer says:

      I am looking for afordable housing in San Diego or near by. I want to be closer to my daughters and grandson, I want to move by May 2018. I also need a community that is pet friendly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    9. Valerie D Anderson says:

      What about communities in the Atlanta area?

    10. Patrick Hollingsworth says:

      Looking for independent senior apartment complex in Orlando Florida

    11. Harold Miller says:

      None in Florida???

    12. Elaine Neumann says:

      What about Del Webb? They were one of the first, if not the first, to build strictly 55+ communities for affordable independent living. And they have communities in multiple states. So was this compiled only for companies that have assisted living as well? What about communities for the rest of us, who don’t have health issues but still need an affordable place to live?

      And I agree with Patty D., it doesn’t matter how big they are if the quality of life or care is poor. Big companies tend to have problems getting out of their own way.

      • Hello, Elaine.

        The Argentum list considers independent living, assisted living and memory care. So it mainly includes rental units. Del Webb appears to mainly build houses for sale, so they might not meet Argentum’s criteria for consideration.

        – Mark,

    13. “TOP”? “Largest companies” would have been more accurate for this article. And I may want to know who the largest providers are, but really, quality is more important for this type of company, isn’t it?

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