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Budget Friendly Retirement Destinations

With so many options, locations, and other factors involved, choosing a retirement destination can quickly become an overwhelming decision. In most cases, seniors are seeking the perfect place — one that has a great location, features activities that fit their lifestyles, and is close to friends and family.


If finding the “perfect place” that combines all of these features isn’t difficult enough, finding it all at a reasonable price can prove to be an even more daunting task. For many retirees, retirement isn’t a short term stay — it’s a long-term relocation that can span decades — so it’s important to make sure that your destination of choice fits within your financial resources.

In order to jumpstart your search, here are a few ideal retirement destinations that combine prime location and affordability:

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Retirement doesn’t always have to be synonymous with sunny beaches, palm trees and tropical climates. Pittsburgh, located in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, is proof that a northern retirement city can be fun and affordable. Popularly known as the Steel City, Pittsburgh has eschewed its industrial roots in favor of a thriving technology industry and cultural art districts. Pittsburgh boasts a 6 percent sales tax, and its cost of living is 12 points lower than the national average, according to the Huffington Post. A thriving professional sports culture, beautiful riverside scenery and high-quality geriatric care services round out Pittsburgh’s affordable appeal.

Louisville, Ky. — While Louisville takes the national stage every spring as the home of the Kentucky Derby, there’s plenty more to do in Louisville than just watching horse racing. As a bridge to the midwest, Louisville combines southern hospitality with the Midwest’s lower cost of living. According to US News & World Report, average monthly mortgage payments in Louisville are just $595, a great deal for a city that features sprawling parks and monuments.

Spokane, Wash. — For the outdoorsy types, Spokane combines the breathtaking sights of the Pacific Northwest with a comfortable style of living. For the fiscally minded, Washington State doesn’t charge income tax, according to CNNMoney, and features reasonable real estate prices. Spokane provides a nice mix of urban and suburban, as its natural beauties are accompanied by a thriving downtown. It also is an easy drive to many national parks and scenic stretches, making it the perfect place for an aging adventurer.

San Antonio, Texas Looking for a nice, warm climate, but not a fan of the beach? San Antonio could be your ideal retirement destination. Seniors in San Antonio can expect to pay about $670 in monthly rent while enjoying the city’s laid-back Southern lifestyle. In addition to the iconic Alamao and multitude of museums, San Antonio offers a beautiful river walk and quaint downtown. San Antonio provides a nice mix of comfortable city living and wide open spaces, all on a budget.

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