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Coloring Books for Seniors: 5 Benefits and 4 Recommendations

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Plenty of activities can help seniors engage their brains and increase their motor skills. Add to that list a new outlet: coloring books for adults. On a rainy day, coloring with brightly colored pencils may be just the trick to lift spirits – and to practice precision and boost creativity.

In any situation, coloring can calm the brain, reduce stress, and help you focus on being in the present. But coloring is not just for children anymore. With the recent explosion of adult coloring books, this activity is perfect for seniors who are looking to keep their minds sharp.

Benefits of Coloring Books for Seniors

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1. Relax the brain

At any given moment, our minds are processing so many thoughts. Minimizing those thoughts down to one dramatically reduces brain activity, creating a blanket of calmness. This calming effect transfers to other benefits for seniors as they color.

2. Reduce anxiety and stress

By sidetracking the mind, coloring takes control of any anxious or fearful thoughts. Stress can subside as coloring takes your mind off issues at hand and channels all your thoughts into the picture.

3. Develop focus

Coloring fosters direct attention. Your thoughts subside and your mind becomes centered. Your immediate focus is the picture. Staying between the lines, choosing colors, deciding on the direction to take —all thoughts are on the coloring before you.

4. Increase creativity

With coloring, endless opportunities await. The colorful options let you branch out and try new things. And with so many different kinds of adult coloring books on the market, the styles and topics to choose from are seemingly endless.

5. Enhance motor skills

With repetition and practice, coloring will enhance eye and hand coordination. The precision required will help reinforce and improve very basic motor skills that begin to fade as we age.

Recommended Coloring Books for Seniors

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As noted above, options abound for seniors who want to pick up coloring books as a hobby. Here are two suggestions for a simpler approach to coloring if you are looking for a place to start:

If you would like a more advanced approach, here are two adult coloring books worth trying:


Get Coloring – and Commenting

Coloring books for seniors provide a way to release our thoughts and connect with ourselves. Try coloring for yourself. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you found a favorite book or series? Feel free to provide your own coloring book suggestions, too.

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