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Exploring Old Passions and Careers Later in Life

Did you have a dream you wanted to pursue at a young age but found little profit in it so you chose something more financially stable? Perhaps you just wanted to be more knowledgeable in other areas of study but never had the time? Well, now is the time. The stress of a full-time career is over or nearing the end, the kids have left and while you still need a reasonable income to cover your basic needs and other luxuries, there will be no better time to explore those forgotten passions than now and perhaps even finish a painting, recipe, short story or project!

The Artist

Do you love to cook? Paint? Dance, maybe? If the arts are your passion then you’d want to look into local schools or dance studios that are offering classes to help with some basics first. Once you’ve mastered this level, should you wish to pursue a professional route, you can find a myriad of resources at the same school of your choosing. Tip: The classifieds section in local newspapers usually list nearby arts schools and highlight adult classes.

The Overachieving Professional

Perhaps the arts weren’t your cup of tea. Maybe you always wanted to explore a different field but for one reason or another, never could. It may seem too late to take up a new career, but there are many other ways in which you could explore your field of interest without having to undergo the more traditional academic routes. Volunteering, for example, puts daily practice and the expertise of professionals at your fingertips. Soup kitchens, community centers, youth groups, hospitals, libraries and schools, just to name a few, are always looking for volunteers.

The Language Connoisseur

There’s something fascinating about other cultures, other languages and other dialects, yet few people ever get a chance to travel as often as they wish. If you’re part of the many people who wish they’d had more time to learn other languages and travel more frequently, then this is the perfect time to pick up a new skill. There are several books that simplify the language-learning process. Consider checking out classes at the college level. Hint: start with your local community college. Alternatively, local cultural centers may offer dialect classes and short language workshops. After you get several classes under your belt and feel ready to test out your new skills in the “real world,” it’s time to book your trip! See this as your reward for all the work you’ve put into learning a new language.

The Historian

If history is your passion, there are several outlets in which you could use your knowledge and experience. Museums, historical sites and tourist buildings are always in search of personable and knowledgeable tour guides. This won’t only give you a chance to share your expertise, but will allow you to interact daily with priced historical collections, gaining valuable access to private collections.

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