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Family-Friendly Fall Activities

For some, fall is the perfect season for spending time outdoors: temperatures are cooling off, leaves are beginning to change and a new football season is about to begin.

This fall, as you visit and spend time with your kids and grandkids, be sure to take advantage of the many fun and family-friendly activities that can only be done during this unique season. Here are a few cool fall-themed ideas to get you started:

Update the fridge art gallery: It sounds simple, but updating your fridge with your grandchildren’s latest artistic masterpieces can be a great way to spend quality time together. Come up with a few seasonally-inspired arts and crafts, do them alongside your grandkids, and then put their creations up on the fridge. Chances are, you have plenty of supplies already laying around, so this is a fun, quick and easy way to bond.

Pick the perfect pumpkin: You can buy pumpkins at grocery stores, local produce stands and wholesalers, but there’s only place you can find the perfect pumpkin — the pumpkin patch. Take your grandkids through the whole journey — venturing out to the farm, looking at hundreds of suitors, and then finding the perfect pumpkin. After finding your pumpkin, take it home and make it your own. There are ways to personalize your pumpkins for people of all ages and artistic skill levels.

For your young grandchildren, there are plenty of stickers that allow them to give their pumpkin a face without getting too messy or dangerous. For intermediate carvers, consider buying a pumpkin carving kit, which allows carvers to pick from a few designs. Your older and more experienced grandkids could put their creativity to the test and go at it freehand.

Get out to the game: Some people love football. Others don’t. But everyone can enjoy a good tailgate. Whether you’re catching a midday game or heading out for some action under the lights, tailgating is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying food, drinks, and tossing the ol’ pigskin.

How do you and your family spend time together in the fall? If you have any great fall activity ideas, be sure to share them in the comments below!

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