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Five Ideal Retirement Destinations

For many retirees, relocating is one of the most exciting parts of retirement planning. The promise of leaving behind the worries of working life for warmer climates, a plethora of golf courses, and a peaceful, senior-friendly atmosphere is enticing to many. While the appeal of relocating is universal, the decision of where to relocate can be a challenge.

With so many interesting and inviting places to go, it can be tough to settle on a retirement destination. In order to make the decision easier, here is a list of five top retirement destinations. In order to make your search easier, click each city name to bring up the search results for that area.

Atlanta – If you’re accustomed to the big city feel, but desire a warmer climate, Atlanta could be the place for you. As one of the largest cities in the South, Atlanta is a major metropolitan area, but has plenty of space to move around. In addition to the climate and atmosphere, Atlanta also boasts a relatively low cost of living and plenty of cultural high points, including world-class dining, shopping and culture, all with a little dose of southern hospitality.

Phoenix – If a lone cactus in the middle of the desert is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Phoenix,” think again. Phoenix is a beautiful, bustling oasis in the middle of Arizona with plenty to offer the newly retired. The city itself offers everything from opera to baseball, and a state-of-the-art light rail system. If you’re interested in senior communities, hop on and look at one of the many 55+ senior communities in the Phoenix suburbs.

Sacramento – For the longest time, Sacramento’s greatest claim to fame was its status as the capital of California. Other California cities may get more publicity, but Sacramento is the perfect place for a new retiree. The downtown area has undergone a great deal of development, with plenty of entertainment and retail stores, but Sacramento’s biggest draw is the great outdoors. With plenty of golf, outdoor markets, boating and fishing, Sacramento provides the perfect escape for the active senior.

San Diego – San Diego is the epitome of a multidimensional city, hosting an interesting mix of a beautiful beach town, thriving business center and military center. Often compared to Los Angeles, San Diego is smaller, friendlier and cleaner than its Southern California neighbor. San Diego isn’t just all about beaches, though. Nearby UC-San Diego houses one of the nation’s premiere geriatric care centers, and San Diego and its suburbs are home to a number of thriving senior communities.

Tampa – Sometimes overshadowed by some of Florida’s other sunny destinations, Tampa has plenty to offer for seniors. Tampa has a little bit of everything, from a thriving downtown area to pleasant suburban areas, and of course, the beautiful Tampa Bay. For the active senior, Tampa boasts three professional sports franchises and a Busch Gardens theme park. If you want to be near the water, but don’t like the crowds, Tampa could be the place for you.

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