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Which “Golden Girl” Makes the Best Senior Roommate?

With over 13 million Americans over the age of 55 living alone, more seniors are liking the idea of sharing costs, chores, and companionship with other empty nesters, divorcees, or widows/widowers to make their golden years more manageable without worrying about giving up their independence. This growing lifestyle may have something to do with the growing costs of healthcare and housing while living on a fixed income such as social security, disability, and retirement. Living with a fellow senior roommate also helps combat loneliness and can provide peace of mind knowing that you will have someone there if just for personal safety.

However, after living on your own terms for so long with your own routine and lifestyle, the thought of having a roommate again, or for the first time ever, may make you uneasy. What better way to mull over this senior living option than by revisiting four fabulous roommates who lived ahead of this new-millennium trend; The Golden Girls!

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Dorothy Zbornak

The middle-aged divorcee with a no-nonsense, strong-willed approach to life

Pros: She’s smart, loyal, and always wants to help. You’d never have to worry about her half of the rent being late, and she’d always have the most logical approaches if the water heater goes on the fritz.

Cons: Her no-holds-barred attitude and snappy sarcasm may intimidate. You may walk on eggshells trying to avoid her… er, charm. And if you’re carefree, a bit slow on the uptake, or old-fashioned, you may butt heads more often than not.


Blanche Devereaux

A man-hungry, man-eater with a flair for spontaneity

Pros: With Blanche as your wing woman, it’ll never be hard to find a date or just a good time. She’s always looking for the next fun adventure. Plus, with a job at an art museum and great fashion sense, just imagine the exciting things you’ll do together like visit beautiful exhibitions or go on lavish shopping trips.

Cons: She may love her fun too much. If you’re not one for entertaining or having a revolving door of strangers in your home, you may want to steer clear. Being the life of the party sounds great, but may also mean a roommate who can be more than a tad selfish, or flaky if she’s always on the go. If you need rhyme and reasoning in your life, forget about Blanche.


Sophia Petrillo

Dorothy’s old-country, non-filtered mother with an encyclopedia of stories and morals

Pros: Sophia is full of family traditions and values that she holds dear. She also tends to keep others grounded and likes living on a routine, “Every morning, like clockwork, at 7 a.m. – I pee. Unfortunately, I don’t wake up ’til 8.”

Cons: Although very caring, she’s more known for her one-liner wisecracks and put-downs. If you can’t handle brutal honesty and tough love, you may have a hard time with her opinionated truths. “Picture it…” living with someone telling you how you should live your life.


Rose Nylund

She’s a good-natured widow who always sees the glass as half full

Pros: She’s humorous, endearing, and upbeat. Even on a rainy day, there’ll be sunshine in your house. She’s a candy striper, a Girl Scout leader, and always up for volunteer of the year awards, so you can be sure her daily house chores would be done, and maybe even yours!

Cons: Rose can be a bit dim-witted and clueless. Would you be OK living with someone who tends to be forgetful, or who you have to explain everything to, or who can be TOO happy all the time?


Don’t worry, not all adults over 55 are as eccentric as these golden gals. The truth is that finding a senior roommate is now a safer, more affordable option if you’re currently living alone, or on a tight budget. And once you find that perfect roommate, be sure to find the perfect place here at

You never know who you’ll end up thanking for being a friend.


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    1. My mother in law and wife watch that show like a religion.
      Maybe the first authentic portrayal of active seniors on TV!

    2. K KNIGHT says:

      Looking for a female housemate, educated, willing to share a four bedroom home (2 rooms+ bath) for you. You go your way I go mine; maybe we meet if our interests are similar. Dogs fine in a huge backyard and parking. Share kitchen, comfortable, not messy individual, but understanding.

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