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How to Get Your Kitchen Organized Hassle-Free

Kitchens are MESSY! Pots and pans everywhere, spices mixed in with coffee mugs, and that one drawer that seems to always be a bottomless pit. But have no fear! Here are a few EASY tips to getting your kitchen organized quickly!

Use a Lazy Susan

Buy a Lazy Susan and place all of your spices and sticky items on this as an easy way to keep everything organized and in eyesight.

Start Hanging

Hang your aprons, potholders and towels. This will give you more space to store things. You can also accomplish this by purchasing adhesive hooks, which require no hammering or nails and are an easy removal!

Store Items By Use 

Arrange the items in your kitchen by the amount you use them. Keep the pots and pans you use most frequently in easy to reach places, or hang them within arms reach of your stove!

Group Similar Items 

Place all your cups, plates, bowls and bakeware in specific areas and make sure to continuously keep this section organized to avoid clutter or overfill.  Invest in some already assembled plastic drawers/shelves if you are short on space and place them in a corner and keep extra dishware in them.

File Your Tupperware 

Designate one large cabinet and divide it into sections. Make one area for lids and the other to stack all containers by size and shape. By adding shelf organizers that slide in and out you can add additional spots to tight spaces and really utilize all your storage areas.

Divide Your Drawer

Get organizers to keep your cutlery neatly separated. This way, you’ll never have to rummage around for what you need again! You can also make your own drawer organizer like the one below.

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Utilize Your Pantry Doors 

Typically used for shoes, try this new twist and stash pantry items in door hanger organizers!

Follow these easy steps and your kitchen will go from a nightmare to a dream come true!

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