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Guide to Nextdoor: How to Use Your Neighborhood Network

Nextdoor is a social network that lets you connect with your neighborhood. Just like the “Cheers” theme song, it’s where everybody knows your name. Literally. In this neighborhood network, you use real names and verified addresses.

Joining Nextdoor

Setting up an account is the first step to becoming part of your neighborhood’s online space. If you received an email invitation to join a neighborhood, just click the link. Or you can join by going to and entering your email address and street address.


Next, you’ll be asked to verify your address. You can do this in one of several ways, including:

  1. By phone: Nextdoor will call your mobile phone or home phone number and give you a verification code. Your address on Nextdoor is verified by matching what you provide with the address on your phone bill.
  2. By credit card or debit card: Your address on Nextdoor is verified by matching it to your billing address.
  3. By postcard: Nextdoor will mail you a postcard with a unique verification code.

Nextdoor verify address

Getting Started on Nextdoor

After signing in, you’ll have access to your neighborhood’s online community. You’ll be able to read other people’s postings and create posts of your own.

The newsfeed will give you info on recent happenings.



Use the interactive map to see which neighbors are on Nextdoor.



The neighborhood directory will let you see all your neighbors. (It’s also helpful when you’re trying to figure out the name of that person you just can’t remember. It’s OK, it happens to everyone.)


Tip: Check your neighborhood’s “house rules” to identify any localized rules of conduct.

Ways to Use Nextdoor

Get the word out about your backyard BBQ. “Rather than spending hours printing fliers and passing them out in the neighborhood, members can publish an event to all their neighbors (or just a select few) with just one click,” says Nextdoor’s head of communications, Kelsey Grady. “Neighbors can then RSVP and leave comments on the post.”

Using Nextdoor saves you from having to put notes in mailboxes or send out smoke signals from your charcoal grill.


“Recommendations [are] the most common way neighbors use Nextdoor,” says Grady. “As you can imagine, people trust a recommendation from someone within their community more than one from a complete stranger.”

Use Nextdoor to ask for a recommendation for a professional landscaping company or to connect with parents who are hoping their teenager will get a summer job mowing lawns.


“Buying from a neighbor feels much safer than buying from a complete stranger,” says Grady.

Use Nextdoor to sell the “classic” car in your garage that you haven’t had time to get running. And luckily, selling to a neighbor means it won’t be going far away, which is helpful because it hasn’t been on the road in over a decade.

classic car

Just like they tell you at the airport, if you see something, say something. Nextdoor helps with neighborhood safety by letting you alert each other about suspicious activity. Grady says many neighborhoods use it as a “virtual neighborhood watch,” adding that “you can’t put a police officer on every corner, but you can find a concerned neighbor.”

nextdoor android map

You can also use Urgent Alerts to notify the neighborhood of imminent threats. In cases of natural disasters, missing children or unfolding crimes, Grady says, “With just one post, neighbors can alert their immediate neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods via email and text message.”


Sixty-seven percent of homeowners say they feel safer at home because they know their neighbors. So, as our friend Mr. Rogers, would say: Won’t you be my neighbor?

Screenshot images courtesy of Nextdoor.

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