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5 Tips for Online Dating Over 50: A Single Seniors Guide

Life doesn’t end at 50, so why let age get in the way of one of life’s great pleasures – finding someone to relate to and possibly fall in love with? Online dating over 50 can make it possible.

If you’re in the middle of life and find yourself divorced, widowed or tired of being a senior single, there’s no reason you shouldn’t put yourself back in the dating game. Sure, it can be daunting to start “all that” over again. Doing it online instead of in the real world can seem even scarier. But thousands of people in their 50s and beyond have ventured into this arena, and you can too.

All you need is an open mind and basic familiarity with websites. If you can email or use Facebook, you can navigate online dating. Ready then? Great! Get started and flourish with these five tips for online dating over 50.

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1. Choose the Right Dating Site

Don’t be intimidated by the array of options on the Internet – there is a dating service right for you. Start by deciding what you want, and be honest with yourself. There are sites devoted to everything from hobby-specific meetups to casual dates. Look for what fits your needs.

If in doubt, a good place to start is an all-purpose dating site. Any of the big-name services will allow you to search by age range. You may also consider a site geared specifically toward online dating over 50.

Mainstream dating websites with senior-specific sections include eHarmony, and Over-50 dating sites include and

2. Start Off on an Honest Foot

Everyone wants to look their best in a dating profile. There’s nothing wrong with choosing photographs that are especially attractive. Make sure they are current photos, however. That means ones that reflect how you appear now, not when you were 30 pounds lighter or 15 years younger.

Enlist the aid of someone who knows you well to help you select a photo that is flattering and accurate. A good friend, your kids or a sibling may be happy to review shots and give you the honest truth.

3. Have Realistic Expectations

When looking at dating sites, it’s easy to get caught up in all the gleaming profiles presented for your approval. However, as you probably realized when crafting the perfect profile for yourself, it’s all too easy to misrepresent oneself. When you first started dating years ago, there was no “buffet” available on the Internet – you had to see people as they were. So it is with online dating; it’s just a different way of figuring out who is right for you.

Of course, you will want an initial attraction. But keep in mind that you – and potential dates – are at different stages in your lives. No matter what a person posts for public display, if he or she is in your age range, there is likely to be evidence of that age. Hair loss, graying and perhaps a few extra pounds may be in the mix.

4. Leave Your Baggage at the Door

Daters in their 50s and above have a history of experiences that younger men and women don’t. You’ve probably weathered a divorce (or lost your spouse) and may still be processing negative feelings about that. You may have children, grandchildren or aging parents. You could have health concerns that weren’t present when you were younger.

Although it’s hard sometimes to not let feelings come out about the not-so-shiny aspects of your life, your first contact with a new person is not the time to discuss such things. It may be tempting to reveal lots of information about yourself in the initial pre-date “chatting” stage, but try to stay positive and controlled.

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5. Meet Safely and Simply

So you’ve found someone interesting and have exchanged emails or phone calls. Now it’s time to meet in person.

Take basic precautions for meeting someone new. Meet in a neutral place that is familiar. Tell a friend, relative or someone you trust about the date. There’s no need to get into details – just “I’m going out with a new friend, and we’re meeting at Starbucks” will suffice.

Speaking of Starbucks, coffee is great for a first date, as it allows space for comfortable conversation without the commitment of a full evening’s activities. If you find things are going well, you can certainly extend the date to dinner or some other activity. Scope out what’s going on nearby, from restaurants to movie times, to be prepared.

After your date, be sure to follow up (email or text is fine), and don’t be worried if you have several prospects. A benefit of online dating is the sheer reach, allowing people of all ages to meet others who they might never have met before.

So embrace the process of online dating over 50 and enjoy the journey.


Your Turn: Online Dating Over 50

What has been your experience with online dating over 50? Share your stories and tips in the comments below!

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    1. Senior Match is one of the best over 50 dating service

    2. Ronald Dumont says:

      The Major problem with these site is they overcharge for what they offer!
      Men are getting the short end of the stick on these sites!
      Women can belong to one site and be contacted on another site they do not belong to!
      I have had this several times finding out they the ladies were able to contact me and did not belong to the site I was a member of!
      This is all out fraud being perpetrated against Males on these sites!
      Males are charged a different rates than Females.
      To renew after the initial period they want twice to three times the amount you paid! Now over $100.00 for the same time period! What a rip off!
      Especially when Males are out numbered almost two to one in the over 55 age group!
      They make it had to find anyone also!
      They show you ladies in the wrong age, economic, and geographical group , the vast majority do not fit what you are looking for!
      These sites prolong and make impossible to access others by adding extra expensive fees!
      I have found that it takes days upon days to even make a decent correspondence with any one! These sites have a built in throttle on how you can contact, how many you can respond too! Yet give the impression there are more waiting to meet you!
      These site boarder on shear fraud and deceit!

      • I am a 60 year old woman and I have encountered pretty much the same problem you are describing. I am not sure if men have a harder time than women, but your description is extremely similar to mine. Very disappointing!

      • I totally agree, they start with $1.00 for membership to get the credit card numbers and then charge without consent or approval. I had to change three cards to stop their charges.
        These all are administered and controlled overseas and some cases exchange charge too… What a ripoff!!
        I wish to start a website for people to meet and exchange friendship the way they want… but the problem is, we are in a society became untrustworthy and all leading for money!!


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