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Online Shopping Tips

There are so many things that are great about the internet that it is near impossible to list it all. However, like with many things in life, it does come with some risk. Especially when shopping online. It can save you time, ships right to your door, and allows you to fully research a product before buying. Before we look into online shopping tips, it is important that we understand the risks.

Unfortunately, scammers can target older generations as they have less experience in the online world. Be sure to avoid emails and social media messages that offer “free” gifts, prizes and money. If you didn’t sign up for any contests and then see a random message claiming that you are a winner, then that is more than likely a trick. Look for poor grammar, misspelled words, and other unusual looking things when reading messages. Also be aware of messages saying, “you’re account will be closed.” The scammers are simply trying to scare you into action and replying to them.

Keep you and your online information safe by keeping your security software up to date, and securing your wireless internet at home with a custom password. Additionally, create strong passwords that would be hard to guess and post only on sites that you trust and are well known. Follow your intuition. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t click on it!  Finally, always back up your info, pictures, videos, etc. on a portable hard drive or a cloud-based system. Losing all of your information and starting over is never fun!

The vast majority of the internet is safe and can make your life much more convenient. Don’t let the scary stories get to you, just follow a few simple rules, use common sense and think before you click!


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