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Popular Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

At the outset, retirement is all about relaxation and enjoying free time. However, a lot of retirees end up picking up an easy part-time job, sometimes just for something to do. Not all part-time jobs are created equal, though.  The trick is to find a part-time job that you will actually love doing, and then you’ll still feel like you are living the retired life you’ve always dreamed of. The AARP has found the perfect part-time jobs for retirees of all types and some are suggestions you may have never considered before.

Do you have a passion for writing?  Follow your dream and become a blogger. The money might not start rolling in immediately; however, there are tons of opportunities out there for blogs of all types, and the really good ones can bring in some serious dollars. Not to mention, you make the hours, which is a huge plus. Do what you love, and it won’t feel like a job.

For the sports lover, consider becoming a coach or referee.  You get to be outdoors and surrounded with the games you love; how could it get better? Most city recreation departments are always looking for people willing to sign up to help run all of the activities and sports that they offer. Get involved with what you love; that’s what retirement is about.

Do you love being around children? Perhaps you even used to be a teacher?  Consider becoming a teacher’s aide, or even substitute teacher. You get to help teach and develop childrens’ minds, without having to worry about grading papers and coming up with lesson plans.  You get to focus on the part you actually enjoy, which is working with the kids.

These are just a few ideas and we hope it motivates you to find your perfect post-retirement job. Really think about what it is that you are most passionate about and then go after it. Nothing should stop you from doing what you enjoy, and if you can bring in a little extra money with it, then it’s a win-win. Stay active and enjoy every single day of your retirement.

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