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All About Pre-Paid Funerals and Funeral Pre-Planning

As you get older, you may start to make very important decisions. An important part of the decisions you’ll make will be in relation to what will happen with your heirs when you pass away. Of course, much of that will be centered around your will: what you’ll leave to specific family members, if you want something specific to happen with your estate, and other important legal matters. However, did you know that you can actually plan your funeral and pay for it ahead of time? You’ll have full control over the way your funeral will be set up. If pre-paid funerals and funeral pre-planning sound like good ideas to you, here’s a bit of information to help you get started.

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What Are Pre-Paid Funerals?

Funerals are very expensive, especially in modern-day North America;  The average traditional funeral in North America costs between $7,000 and $10,000. For someone who isn’t set up for any funeral payment plan, that cost will often come out of the estate or, occasionally, be paid for by their heirs. If your estate isn’t large enough, or your heirs can’t afford a funeral, you may not be able to have the funeral you desire.

If you already have the money to pay for much of a funeral, it may be worth it to look into pre-paid funerals. As funeral costs rise, it can be beneficial to meet with a funeral pre-planning professional to decide what type of funeral you would like. You can then pay for a majority of the funeral at today’s costs instead of having your family pay potentially-higher fees when it comes time for the funeral. Pre-paid funerals avoid much of the hassle and may save money as well.

If you’re not sure if you’ll have the money today, you may want to opt for a funeral insurance policy, which is similar to a life insurance policy except the payment is used to help your heirs after you pass away. This is usually paid out as a lump sum, which can be used entirely or partially for the burial, with the rest used for other expenses in the judgment of your heirs.

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How Funeral Pre-Planning Works

For many people, making sure their heirs are comforted after they pass away is one of the most important parts of their decision. With a funeral insurance policy and pre-paid funeral plans, you can make sure that your heirs won’t have to spend time with lawyers and funeral directors, and can instead spend that time together.

With funeral pre-planning, your heirs won’t have to make nearly any of the decisions on their own. You’ll be able to decide the type of service, any other funeral events, and any personal touches, and pay for a large portion of it ahead of time. Funeral directors will be able to help you through this, as well as tell you how to make your family aware of the plan you’ve created.

You can also add funeral insurance plans, or even just get a policy on its own if the specifics of the funeral aren’t very important to you. This can help cover some or all of the costs of a funeral, and often a little bit more for other necessities. Funeral insurance plans come in many different shapes and sizes, and you should carefully decide what will be the best one for you.

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Who Should Help You Make Funeral Plans?

Oftentimes, people involve their heirs in planning their funeral. Celebrating your life is an important thing, and you’ll often want your heirs involved, especially because they can help decide if you want to save money and have a less expensive funeral or plan for exactly what you want, whatever the cost.

Sometimes, your heirs won’t be available, or you’ll want a second opinion. You may want to consider having other friends chip in their opinion so you can have someone to you give thoughts you may not have considered. If you don’t already have a community like that, can help you find those people near you. Whatever that means to you, be it assisted living, age-restricted neighborhoods, or nursing homes, can give you the tools to be independent with other seniors, many of whom can give advice when it comes to your funeral.

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The planning of a funeral is a very important thing for many people, and it’s important to make sure your wishes are respected and your heirs are able to pay for the funeral you want to have. Pre-paid funeral plans, as well as a functional funeral insurance policy, can make sure you’re able to meet both of those criteria. Many of the communities that can help you find will also be able to help with your decisions because other 55 or better adults understand funeral planning from a sympathetic viewpoint. Live your life in peace knowing that your wishes will continue to be respected, even after you pass away.

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