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Questions to Ask When Considering an Assisted Living Facility

Selecting your place of residence during your golden years can become quite a complicated process. What should you ask? What are some deal breakers for you? Must pets be allowed? These questions and many others are important in figuring out what your preferences are so that you can choose the best possible senior housing option in assisted living.

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Once you’ve jotted down your preferences, you will have a guideline to go by as you tour assisted living facilities in your search for the perfect fit. However, even after your preferences are clear to you, you might not know some other technical details to consider. To help, has gathered questions that might assist you in better assessing your assisted living options.


Assisted Living Checklist

Consider the following:

Staff and Residents

  • Does the staff seem warm and welcoming?
  • Does the staff appear to be cordial to one another?
  • Is the staff available 24/7?
  • Is the staff licensed and certified?
  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
  • Do residents look rested, happy and cared for?

Agreement and Cost

  • Is there a waiting list? If so, how long is the estimated waiting time?
  • What is the starting price?
  • What is the standard assisted living services provided at this price?
  • Are services all-inclusive, tiered or a la carte?
  • If services are tiered or a la carte, what are those costs?
  • Is a reservation deposit or entrance fee required?
  • What amenities are not included?
  • What payment methods are welcomed?
  • Under what conditions would a resident be required to leave the residence?
  • How far in advance is notice of vacancy served?

Health Care and Medication

  • What are health care services provided?
  • Are there different levels of care? How are these levels determined?
  • Is there an individual care plan maintained for each resident?
  • Are residents and family members included in the process of crafting an individual care plan?
  • What kind of medical personnel is available?
  • Is the staff CPR certified?
  • Who coordinates outside care provider visits?
  • Can the staff administer medications?
  • How does the facility address changes in a resident’s medical care needs?
  • What are the procedures for an emergency?

Community Amenities and Services

  • Is there scheduled transportation? What places are included in the route?
  • Is there a private dining room for family and private events?
  • Is there housekeeping service?
  • Is there linen service and/or laundry service?
  • Are cable TV and telephone provided or is there an additional cost?
  • Is wireless internet service provided or is there an additional cost?
  • Are there planned activities for residents?
  • Is there a professional fitness staff at residents’ disposal?

Individual Apartment or Units

  • What size are the apartments or cottages — studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms?
  • Is there a lease or is the rental month-to-month?
  • Can family members visit at will?
  • What is the number of units?
  • Can residents have a pet?
  • Can residents have personal furniture?

Activities and Meal Services

  • What meals are provided in the meal plan?
  • Are snacks and beverages available during the day?
  • How and where are meals served?
  • Can meals be served in the apartment/unit?


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Now that you have this extensive checklist, you can be confident in asking ALL the right questions for yourself or your loved ones when it comes to the search for an assisted living.

Have questions about assisted living in general? See’s new Assisted Living Guide.

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