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7 Reasons to Retire in California

When it’s time to retire, you’re going to make a lot of decisions about your future, all in a very short time. One of those many decisions is where you’ll go for your retirement, and it’s a decision that will be made near the beginning. Some people even make that decision before they retire, so they’re ready when the time comes. When you look at of all the places you can go, though, it starts to get a little overwhelming! That’s why we’ve compiled seven reasons why you should retire in California, a state with lots to offer retirees.

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When you retire in California you will enjoy multiple tax exemptions that benefit retirees and seniors

It’s no big secret that California taxes are fairly high overall. However, they recognize that it can be difficult to afford those taxes as a senior, which means there are certain housing and sales tax exemptions aimed particularly toward retirees. Groceries and prescription drugs, two of the biggest expenses for seniors, are not subject to sales tax, and there is a housing tax exemption of $7,000 for those living in their home. Those who meet income requirements may also be able to defer property tax payment, lowering taxes further.

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a pretty steep price to live in California, especially in extremely populated cities. Just living on Social Security can get pretty difficult when it comes to a California retirement, so if you don’t have a pension, 401(k), or another fairly significant income source, it might not be a wise idea. If you’re looking for an affordable senior living community in California, can help you find the people you want at a price you need.

National parks are everywhere in California

California might be the state with the highest population — the second-highest, Texas, comes in over 10 million people lower — but much of the land isn’t even incorporated. If you’re a nature lover, there are places all across the state that you can visit. If you can take the heat, Death Valley National Park, a park with over three million acres that regularly has a full month of days over 120 degrees, is a fun experience.

Entertainment is easy to find, no matter your location or budget

Obviously, we all know about Disneyland, and chances are, plenty of us have been there at one point or another. But Disneyland can take a toll on your wallet, which means you need more affordable fun. Thankfully, California has that in droves. There are literally hundreds of attractions to visit all over California, so you’re sure to find something.


There’s culture at every turn on California streets

Whether you’re looking for music, art, theatre, or some combination of the three, you can find it here. California played a huge part in the development of psychedelic music, both the calm, pastel hippies of NorCal and the intriguing, disconcerting rockers of SoCal, and now they’ve got long-running music celebrations like the Monterey Pop Festival, which is known internationally. If you want theatre, the California Theatre has been providing entertainment since 1928. For the art lover, there are endless museums of contemporary and historical art to enjoy.

California has some of the best weather in the country

One of the biggest draws of California is the weather and for good reason. While the rest of the nation tends to have pretty drastic weather swells throughout the year, California, especially SoCal, maintains a balmy middle-of-the-road that prevents snow and sweat at the same time. It’s consistently named one of the best weather places in the world, especially considering that even with the mild temperatures, it’s sunny almost year-round.

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Skiing and surfing are fun California activities that coexist closely

In lots of states, you have to decide between the beach and the mountains, because there’s very little temperature variation. Because of California’s vertical alignment, you can find chilly, exciting ski slopes only an hour or two away from surfing beaches that are second to none. You don’t have to make the decision — Cali has it all.

Fresh, delicious eating is easy to find wherever you retire in California

When it comes to food, California tends to top even the most snobby eater’s list. Cali has everything — gloriously greasy burgers, fish directly from the sea, vegan hangouts, vegetarian twists, huge steaks, barbecue groups, and so much more. Whether it’s allergies, morality, or just being picky, you can find what you’re craving in California.

Are you ready to retire in California? Check out communities for adults 55 and better!

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