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7 Reasons to Retire in North Carolina

When it’s time to retire, an important part of your retirement decision is where you’re going to retire. Lots of retirees choose to move somewhere new when they make that decision, and there are hundreds of places vying for your vote, which means you have lots of options. That can be great, but it can also be a pain — sometimes it’s hard to narrow it down! If you’re searching for a great retirement place, North Carolina should be at the top of your list. Here are seven reasons why you should retire in North Carolina.

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North Carolina is fairly tax-friendly to retirees, especially in recent years

When you retire in North Carolina it will be easy on your income, especially if your main source of income is Social Security. North Carolina doesn’t tax Social Security, and also has low property taxes; sales taxes aren’t that high either and are just around the national average. Even better, the tax benefits increased in 2013, with a lower income tax rate and a higher standard deduction for income tax. That 2013 tax change also repealed the estate tax. The estate tax cutoff point was already fairly high, but now, no matter how large your estate is, your heirs will only have to deal with a federal tax.


North Carolina taxes will be higher if you’re earning money from a source other than Social Security. While Social Security is not taxable in North Carolina, regular income is taxed — that includes pensions, a 401(k), an IRA, or any other source that is not Social Security. The income tax rate is 5.75%, which is applicable for any income that’s not Social Security income, regardless of where else it’s coming from. If you’re retiring with Social Security, your taxes will likely be fairly low, but if you’re using another source, especially if you’re already worried about your finances, be aware that it can and will be taxed.

You can find college towns, beach homes, and much more in North Carolina

North Carolina is often thought of as a place for barbeque and rodeos, but it’s actually much more than that. The eastern coast is full of beaches, while Chapel Hill, where the University of North Carolina is located, is full of the college town buzz. If you want even more, Charlotte is a fast-growing city that promises to be just as exciting as other bright technological centers.

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When you retire in North Carolina, you will enjoy incredibly unique and delicious food

Down in the South, they’re serious about their barbeque. There’s a particular kind of barbeque sauce for every state down there, it seems, and North Carolina is no exception. Dedicated North Carolina barbeque eaters will gladly let you know in no uncertain terms when you’re way off base with a recipe, and can point you to a place where you can get certified, authentic North Carolina barbeque.

The North Carolina scenery is truly beautiful

Don’t let its moniker as the “Tar Heel State” confuse you. North Carolina, with its rolling hills and gentle lakes, has some of the most beautiful sights in the nation. Better yet, they’re scattered all over the state, making them easy to access no matter where you are. For the road trippers, try some beautiful scenic drives on your way across the state.

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There are plenty of North Carolina sports teams for any sports fan

Sports fans love their teams and are known to get extremely territorial over the ones they claim as their own. That’s why anyone who wants to get into sports or already has an attachment to North Carolina teams will love this state — it has quite the list of recognized professional and minor league teams over a number of sports, and that’s not even counting local teams!

The historical value of North Carolina is an exciting part of its culture

North Carolina has a stunning amount of history that’s sure to get any history buff excited. The history of how North Carolina became a state is interesting enough, but there are also historic sites all over the state that showcase amazing things about United States history. Lots of these sites are great for learning about history you don’t see much of in textbooks, like the Wright Brothers National Memorial, where you can learn about the history of flight!

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When you retire in North Carolina, you have access to many retirement homes for all levels of income

Obviously, the cost of living index is different all over North Carolina. But you don’t have to move to the most expensive, high-class area to get everything you can out of your retirement. North Carolina has a number of beautiful cities that are well below the national average for cost of living, and they’re extremely friendly to retirees to boot! If you’re looking for a retirement center in North Carolina, whether you just want a place to meet other retirees or you’re trying to find a senior care community to move into, can provide you with listings that cover all different areas, income levels, and care needs, no matter what those may be.

How about it? Ready to retire in North Carolina? Check out these communities for adults 55 and better.

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