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7 Reasons to Retire in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking toward retirement, chances are you’re getting ready to make some pretty big decisions. There are plenty of decisions that must be made before you’re able to retire; some of them have to be done with lawyers, but many are more personal and in-depth. One of those decisions is where you’re going to live. While initially the places that may come to mind are areas like Florida and California, Pennsylvania is actually an amazing place to retire, when it comes down to it. Here are seven reasons why you should retire in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania is quite tax-friendly toward retirees

An important part of planning for retirement is taxes. Especially if you’re planning on using Social Security or you don’t have a very robust retirement fund, tax rates are an important part of making sure you have enough money to live on. Pennsylvania does not tax Social Security benefits, public or private pensions, or income from a 401(k) or IRA account. For those 65 and older, there are also rebates on property taxes, as well as a homestead exclusion if necessary.


Pennsylvania does have an inheritance tax, differing from many other states. While tax laws for retirement income are extremely lax, making it a very alluring choice, Pennsylvania differs from much of the rest of the nation in that they do levy an inheritance tax on estates. Surviving spouses are entirely exempt from this tax, as well as children 21 or younger, but all other relatives will have an inheritance tax due nine months after receiving their inheritance.

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When you retire in Pennsylvania you’ll have plenty of outdoor things to do

Staying inside can sometimes make you feel a little stir-crazy, and living in a big city, exciting as it may be, can feel stifling if there aren’t any big outdoor places to be. Pennsylvania ,with its almost 800 miles of forest hiking trails, doesn’t have that issue. It doesn’t end with hiking, either; Pennsylvania has places for biking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and many other outdoor activities for any outdoor enthusiast.

The proximity of Pennsylvania to other travel destinations is nice for day trips

Pennsylvania is very close to places people love to visit on the East Coast. Philadelphia is only a few hours from New York and Washington, D.C, and Pittsburgh is close enough to Niagara Falls that it makes for a great overnight stay. If you like to travel, Pennsylvania is a great place to be for your retirement.

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Pennsylvania is well-known for its historical sites

If you love learning about the history of the United States, there are literally hundreds of places to do that in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia houses the Assembly room, where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed, making it one of the most important places in United States history. There are also military sites, like Valley Forge National Historic Park and Fort Ligonier.

Seasonal changes bring beautiful Pennsylvania weather and sights

To retire in Pennsylvania means to take in the beautiful scenery and gentle weather. With average highs that rarely top 90 degrees and rain just enough to be beautiful but not obnoxious, Pennsylvania is great when it comes to weather. People all over the nation praise the gorgeous Pennsylvania fall when the leaves turn bright shades of sunset colors.

There are plenty of Pennsylvania breweries and restaurants to enjoy

When you think of craft beer, you may think of somewhere on the West Coast, like Portland. However, Pennsylvania actually brews the most craft beer in the nation, producing over one billion bottles of beer every single year. If alcohol isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there’s also a booming restaurant business — pizza in particular, which is made in its own unique way in Pennsylvania.

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You won’t be alone when you retire in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a large seniors population. Having a welcoming community is an important part of retiring, and that’s why it’s great that Pennsylvania has an estimated 17.4% of people over 65 as of 2016. If you’re really invested in finding a community of people that you can understand and feel comfortable around, has great up-to-date listings for senior communities of all kind. Whether you’re looking for assisted living, nursing homes, or just a senior retirement community, can help you find it in a place you’ll love to live.

Convinced yet to retire in Pennsylvania? Check out these communities for adults 55 and better. 

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