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7 Reasons to Retire in South Carolina

The decision to retire is an extremely important one — and, unfortunately, it can also be an extremely stressful one. With all the important decisions to make, from financial decisions to personal ones, you might not feel prepared to think about where you’re actually going to go. There are plenty of places vying for your retirement, but South Carolina is an extremely enticing place to retire for a number of reasons. Here are the top seven reasons to retire in South Carolina.

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South Carolina is very tax-friendly toward retirees

When it comes to where you’re going to retire, taxes are an important part of the equation. South Carolina’s tax code is great for retirees; not only is Social Security not taxable, but there’s a sizable deduction for other kinds of retirement income. Those under 65 can claim a $3,000 deduction, while those over 65 can claim $15,000, making it extremely friendly for seniors receiving income from sources other than Social Security. Property taxes are also among the lowest in the nation; the average U.S. home value is $206,300, while the average South Carolina home value is only $148,000, and some seniors qualify for a homestead exemption, meaning you’ll be paying substantially less property tax.

When you retire in South Carolina you’ll have a much lower cost of living than many other states

Another important factor to consider is the day-to-day cost of living, which includes things like groceries and rent. Don’t worry; the cost of living in South Carolina is actually just over 7% lower than the rest of the nation. If you’re trying to find a home and you’re looking for welcoming neighborhoods, can help you find a retirement community to spend your time at, whether you need affordable assisted living or just a group of friends near your home.

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The hospitality in South Carolina is second to none

People all over the nation think of the South as being particularly hospitable, and South Carolina is no exception. Charleston, the largest city in the state, has been voted the friendliest city in America by Condé Nast, and that’s a feeling that persists no matter where you go. Even just the simple act of saying “hello” to a stranger on the street is a must in South Carolina.

There’s plenty of natural beauty all over South Carolina year-round

One of the biggest draws toward living in South Carolina has to do with the inherent beauty of the surroundings. The mountains and lakes all over the state lead to some of the most gorgeous sunsets, and they’re a little different everywhere you go. An important part of the natural beauty of South Carolina is also the Angel Oak Tree, one of the oldest living things in the country at over 400 years old.

Yet, the fauna in South Carolina is not always on your side. We’ve all heard about the terrors of Florida’s animals, but South Carolina definitely has its own issues, too. From mosquitos to alligators in your backyard, certain parts of South Carolina — particularly more rural areas — are a little frightening to fight on your own. If you’re worried about possibly having to call the police on a gator, pick a urbaner South Carolina city instead.

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South Carolina is a hot spot for important historical monuments and artifacts

The people in South Carolina are definitely proud of the significant roles that their state has played in many national decisions, and that’s been a big drive toward their wealth of historical places. However, there are also more lighthearted historical landmarks, if that’s more your style. War buffs might look toward the Fort Sumter National Monument, whereas those with a flair for the unique should visit the famous Peachoid Water Tower.

When you retire in South Carolina, you can have it all; places for relaxation and places for excitement

If you ask anyone from South Carolina, they’ll no doubt tell you that the pace of life is just slower there. It’s a great part of the state’s overarching calm, and the more than 80,000 acres of state parks across South Carolina just enhance that feeling of leisure. If you’re more interested in something wild, however, you can definitely find that, considering how many highly-rated attractions and events there are.

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There’s plenty of alternative and indie art, music, and unique South Carolina experiences

When you think of alternative styles, you more than likely think something on the west coast, like Oregon or SoCal. However, South Carolina’s Spoleto Festival, which runs for 17 nights every spring, might actually take the cake on this one. Jazz, theater, opera, and dance all come together for an incredible taste of culture that you can’t get anywhere else.

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