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7 Reasons to Retire in Texas

Making the decision to finally retire is an important move, and no matter who you are, you should do some very in-depth research before making any decisions. An important part of your retirement decision is whether you’re going to move — many retirees choose to move to a different place when they retire, whether to get a change of scenery, find a lower cost of living or even just to spend their time in better weather! If you’re looking to move when you retire, you should look into the benefits of choosing Texas. Here are seven reasons you should retire in Texas.

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The taxes when you retire in Texas are very friendly

Texas is a hugely popular state to move to, especially recently, and a large part of this is the tax code. It’s one of the few states that doesn’t tax income — at all. That not only means that Social Security income will not be taxed, but neither will a 401(k), IRA, pension, or even working income, if you decide to work part-time. Sales tax is only 8.25% at the highest, and neither groceries nor medications are subject to sales tax. On top of that, the slightly higher than average property taxes are evened out by the state’s lower-than-average housing prices and substantial homestead exemptions.

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The cost of living in Texas is lower than the national average

While taxes are an important part of retirement expenses, they’re only due once a year; the day-to-day cost of living is far more important when you’re making this kind of plan. If you’re worried about that, you’ll be happy to know that Texas’s overall cost of living is approximately 10% lower than average, with housing and groceries being even lower than that. That disposable income makes it easier to join a community and be part of their events; can help you find communities made up of people like you, whether you’re looking for assisted living or just retirement communities.

Fairs are a huge part of Texas culture

If you’ve never been to a local fair, you’ve never really lived. There’s just something about the atmosphere that makes it intensely appealing, even if you do nothing but walk around and buy a churro or two. Texas takes it a step further with the State Fair of Texas, which draws hundreds of thousands of people annually, both out-of-state tourists and proud in-state residents.

Texas fair

Texas is home to a great many musical acts

When you think of Texas music, you probably think of banjos and Southern accents. Of course, the music that’s come from the Lone Star State has plenty of that, but it’s also produced some of the nation’s most popular artists in other genres! Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Janis Joplin have all hailed from this iconic state, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you retire in Texas you will have plenty of different cultures to choose from

No matter where you go in Texas, you’ll always find something unique. With over 800 miles separating the edges of Texas at some points, there’s a lot to take in, and that culture leads to a lot of fun experiences in every city. Whether you want excitement and fun or just a bit of lazy leisure, Texas is the place to be.

Texas rodeo

Rodeos and other outdoor activities are an important part of Texas’s charm

Rodeos are a uniquely Southwestern experience that tends to get glossed over when you’re talking about this huge state. But cowboys are still an important part of the Texas economy, which means that rodeos are too! These events pack people in, and it’s worth it to see a few when you’re in the area.

However, if you’ve decided you want to retire in Texas, you should know that its weather is unabashedly warm. While people moving from other Southern states might find it pretty nice. In the summer, temperatures average around 80-100 degrees. On the upside, the warm weather does mean no snow shoveling, which is definitely a plus.

Tex-Mex food is its own type of delicious

Whenever immigrants take their native food and their new country’s food and smash them together, you get something new and exciting that’s not quite one or the other. In Texas, this has created Tex-Mex cuisine, a type of food that’s neither Mexican nor American. It’s an important thing to try, and you’ll find that it quickly becomes a part of your daily life.

So how about it, are you ready to retire in Texas? Check out almost 300 communities for adults 55 and better. 

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