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Save Money by Going Green

The term “going green” gets thrown around a lot, and everybody imagines a different scenario when they hear it. Living a green lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your quality of life. In fact, in many ways it can actually enrich your life and make you feel better by limiting your impact on the environment. However, if that doesn’t do it for you, keep in mind that it can actually save you money as well. A little more interested now? Let’s break it down and see how going green can benefit your life and your wallet!

Transportation: If you and your significant other are both retired, consider downsizing to one car. It’s much cheaper to maintain, fuel and insure one vehicle. Plus, you all retired to spend more time together anyway. Why not save some money and the environment while you’re at it? Carpooling with friends and family for vacations and weekend getaways is another great way to split up costs and environmental impact. Consider all your options, such as bikes and simply walking. Not only do you get a workout, but you also may see a side of your city or neighborhood that you have never noticed. It can quite literally open up a new world to you.

Downsize: Assuming the kids are all moved out and you aren’t working tirelessly in that home office, why power, cool and heat a giant space that you don’t need anymore? You may be used to those giant power bills at this point, but imagine your reaction if you could cut that monthly bill in half? Living in an apartment community would eliminate your costs for lawn care and free up lots of time. All of this would also have a huge impact on the environment by using less power and water and reducing your overall carbon footprint. And yes, it will also save you some serious cash!

Food: Living a green lifestyle doesn’t just fall on you. It also can be achieved by supporting others, and the work they do to promote a healthier earth. When buying your food, consider shopping at local farmers markets. Doing this accomplishes many things that have gone overlooked until very recently. First and foremost, it’s just better for you. Yes, the food can cost a little more in some cases. So how does that save you money? By eating healthier foods with less preservatives, sodium, sugar, pesticides and antibiotics, you are setting yourself up for better overall health. Not to mention lower blood pressure, lower risk for diabetes and much lower risk for heart disease. Cutting out costly doctors visits and treatments is a huge plus and allows you to enjoy your retirement for years to come! Additionally, you are supporting your local farmers which benefits your immediate area and, in many cases, supporting hard working farmers who aren’t taking government subsidies. This takes an active approach in controlling where your tax money goes.

Going green is the accumulation of small changes. Nobody expects anyone to suddenly drop all of their habits and lifestyle choices. It’s about integrating more sustainable practices into your life to enhance the things that you love to do. It’s about saving you money while you save the environment for future generations to enjoy the same freedoms that you did. Enjoy your retirement while you enjoy being a person who makes a difference!

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