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Color Therapy In Your Home

We live our life in living color everyday. However, how we choose to surround ourselves with the different hues and shades can speak volumes about our individual tastes and emotions. How a person displays color in their home can provide insight into their personality as well.

There are many variations of the basic colors. The paler versions of a particular color are sometimes considered to be more appropriate for covering walls within the home as they can emulate similar qualities of their bolder counterparts without being too overwhelming. The art of complimenting colors is key in achieving a balanced room. To successfully design a truly harmonious living space, the layout of a room must be taken into full consideration.

Add blue shades into a room with lots of natural light

For example, the amount of natural light that each room is exposed to through windows should play into your design selections. For rooms with a good amount of natural light, try using hues of cool blues on the walls, mixed with gold and grey decorative accents along with white or cream furniture. This gives off a clean polished look and also creates a cool but relaxing presence. The light colors keep the mood bright and happy, while the darker shades ground the room’s layout so that the whole color palate is equally represented. The shades of blue when used in these ways can represent stability, and tranquility.

Pale violet colors for the living room

The use of pale violet in bedrooms also casts a calming and soothing effect. Shades of purples are also assimilated with royalty, power, ambition, and extravagance. For someone who strives to be identified with those qualities, it would be appropriate for them to use purple in their bedroom. But in any case, your bedroom should reflect a style and color pattern that relates to you as a person. Especially since this is the room that you typically spend the most amount of time in. This is also the easiest room in your home to transform.

Green for decor

Shades of green in a particular room can represent growth, freshness, safety, and youth. It is also the color that is easiest for the human eye to absorb, making it a very peaceful color and promoting an earthy setting. Green is best used in areas that are known to contain high stress, like the kitchen or an office space. You can easily incorporate neutral shades in decorative accents into rooms of your home that may seem lacking in balance.

Green in home decor

It is, however, important to make sure that each color in your home flows from one area to the next; the same for style. A rich and warm room living room can be complemented by transitioning into a dining room that has a similar color variation. The use of darks woods and neutral furnishings that are paired with creams and subtle browns can make a living area cozy and inviting but still elegant. When dark colors are balanced with the correct amount of lighter shades, no one emotion can take over.

Keep in mind that it is incredibly important to recognize that everyone interprets colors differently. So, the next time you decide to add a little pop in your home, take time to reflect on which colors truly represent you and how you want to feel in each of the rooms you are designing. Have fun!

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