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The Positive Effects of Moving to Warmer Weather

Every winter, hundreds of snowbirds flock down to the sunny skies of the Sunbelt to states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia. The harsh winters of the Northern states leave much to be desired when it comes to senior living. Why spend your time shoveling snow when you could be basking in the sunshine? The seasonal affective disorder is real. Not to mention, shoveling snow takes a major toll on your joints and bones.

With the year-round warmer weather, you don’t have to be cooped up inside or stay bundled up until the icicles begin to melt. You can get outside and stay active, join a recreational club or sport, go golfing, swim laps. The options are endless.

The traveling back and forth can add up, however. Tack on finding a place to rent on top of your existing financial obligations, and it can be a little stressful. So why not make the transition a permanent one?

Deciding to make the move to warmer climates for good can be beneficial not only to your wallet but to your health as well. When the weather is nice, there is more to do. Whether it’s being out in the garden soaking up some vitamin D, riding your bike around the neighborhood or playing tennis, keeping active improves your health. Because living in a warmer environment gives you the ability to maintain these activities all year long, you won’t miss a beat in your step.

Finally, it’s no secret that people who are exposed to constant amounts of sunshine and blues skies tend to be generally happy. Research has shown that people who spend 30 minutes or more outside in pleasant weather report improved mood, memory, and creativity. Studies have even suggested that warmer weather is linked to lower death rates.

Living in a place where your options aren’t limited by inclement weather provides you more choices on how you get to spend your days. Deciding to live in an after 55 community all year long only increases those options!

You’ve worked hard to reach this point in your life; there is no reason why you should only be spending half the year enjoying it!

Getting the warm-weather itch? Start by checking out some of these senior living communities in Vero Beach, Phoenix, and Austin.

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