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Top 5 Affordable Cities to Retire on a Budget

Finding great senior housing options that are also affordable can be difficult. To help you in this process, we’ve ranked the top five most affordable cities for retirement in terms of senior housing. These cities offer the best value for your money with a varied selection of senior apartments, independent living facilities, assisted living communities and RV retirement communities, among others.


1. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson‘s open spaces and positive reviews in every other category make it an incredibly pleasant place to live. Tucson hosts more than 100 performing arts events every year and is the home of a growing number of retirement communities and retirement RV parks.

Tucson, AZ care communities

This sunny Western city also has one of the fastest growing senior populations, in part due to no tax on Social Security income. Seniors also enjoy discounted national park entrance among many other perks. 

Tucson, Arizona care community

Average Monthly Senior Housing Rent: $771


2. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is not only home to professional sports teams and multiple gardens and state parks, but it also houses one of the best senior care agencies in the nation, The St. Louis Area Agency on Aging. This agency connects seniors to a myriad of services, including help with groceries, doctor appointments and volunteers willing to do major household chores such as yard work and painting. Also in St. Louis is the Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a nationally ranked institution for geriatrics.

Average Monthly Senior Housing Rent: $665


3. Spokane, Washington

Spokane, WA care communities

This scenic city features numerous walking trails, waterfront recreation areas and biking trails.

Spokane, Washington care community

More notably, Washington state has no individual income tax and is home to the famous “Project Joy,” a singing group of adults over the age of 55 that performs at assisted living facilities, retirement homes and other senior-frequented locations.

Average Monthly Senior Housing Rent: $733


4. Austin, Texas

Among the things that make Texas an appealing place to retire are the low housing costs, no state income tax and mild winters. Austin is particularly known for its sunny winters, reducing the cost of heating significantly. A large number of open spaces makes Austin a walkable and scenic place to enjoy in retirement.

Average Monthly Senior Housing Rent: $887


5. Vero Beach, Florida

Retirees love Florida. No news there. However, while most flock to famous cities like Jacksonville and Tampa, few stop to think about Vero Beach, the hidden gem of the Sunshine State.

Vero Beach, FL care communities

Florida has no income tax, no state tax or inheritance tax and more importantly, there’s no tax on Social Security or other retirement income.

Vero Beach, Florida care community

What makes Vero Beach even more attractive? Serene beaches, an abundance of golf courses, a senior population of 28% and housing costs 15.2% below the national average.

Average Monthly Senior Housing Rent: $750

**Rates for Seniors 65 and Over


Looking for additional ideas? Here are five more cities to consider for retirement.

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