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Top 5 Friendliest Cities for Seniors

Retirement offers the great opportunity for individuals to join exciting communities while cutting back on costs. Communities all across the nation exhibit wonderful lifestyles for seniors to enjoy their retirement, but some places stand out from the pack with unique offerings and stellar deals. Great activities, food, and local attractions help to make these five communities the best retirement destinations in the U.S.

1. Laguna Woods, California

A city once known as ‘Leisure World,’ Laguna Woods is home to a vast retiree population (76% percent). This city is also highly ranked in affordability and ease of transportation. Laguna Woods lies in the Saddleback Valley of Orange County and is a short drive from Laguna Beach. This community is a lifestyle opportunity, providing residents with convenient shopping, cinemas, recreation, and social activities. Golf, tennis, and equestrian centers are located within the community, encouraging residents to enjoy their retirement while still staying active.

2. Kings Point, Florida

The median home price in this sunny Florida city is an astonishing $45,000, making it a popular destination for retirees looking to lower their cost of living and increase their quality of life. Kings Point is situated next to Delray Beach, also near Boca Raton, and continues to be known as one of the most vibrant retirement communities in South Florida. The community offers convenient transportation, making any destination accessible to its residents. Great golf courses, fantastic restaurants, and Delray Beach help attract residents to Kings Point each year.

3. Sun City, Arizona

Home to a renowned retiree community that boasts an excellent location just outside of Phoenix, this city’s main housing community requires at least one household member to be over the age of 55. This makes Sun City a prime destination for retirees looking for a peaceful, yet active community. Residents of Sun City can always stay active with 120 clubs and seven spacious recreation centers. This community is home to five championship golf courses, two 18-hole executive courses, and one nine-hole executive course. The possibilities in Sun City are endless.

4. Pinehurst, North Carolina

Think: lower housing costs, lower taxes, fewer heating bills and great views. Ready to move yet? This city hosts a large retiree population looking to keep family around while reducing living costs. Pinehurst is revered as “The Cradle of American Golf” and provides a wide array of activities in a great location. Pinehurst’s historical appeal extends beyond the fairway to sites like Sandhills Horticultural Gardens and Mystic Cottage. Learn more about this gorgeous community today!

5. Bella Vista, AR

The city of Bella Vista is located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and boasts four distinct and beautiful seasons. The low cost of living coupled with a high quality of life maintains a stable influx of active adults in this city. Bella Vista is home to seven lakes which are private, meaning that only members of the community may use them. Residents stay active fishing, exploring the lake trails, and spending time on the water. This community offers a great range of activities with a private lifestyle.

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