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Top 7 Apps for Seniors to Download in 2015

In today’s technologically advanced age, there’s no reason that retirees or soon to be retirees shouldn’t experience the best of the app world. There are hundreds of useful and easy to use apps spanning from the finance and health realm to the activities and family realm for seniors to utilize in their everyday lives. Read on to learn more about this year’s top seven, and get ready to embark upon a motivating and inspirational 2015.

1) Flipboard: What a great invention! Users are able to connect this app with their favorite news and internet sites. Not to mention, any and all social media accounts for better engagement and sharing. Right before your eyes, Flipboard turns all content into a digital magazine so that you are able to “flip” the pages and see everything set up like a magazine for optimal viewing with ease.

2)  Park’n’Forget: No matter what your age, everyone has experienced the sinking feeling when you park your car only to forget where that location is. Never forget where you parked your car again! When you reach your parking spot, put in what floor you’ve parked on and what aisle or spot. When you’re done with your errands, there is no need to worry about roaming the parking lot! Forget to pay your meter and have tons of pesky tickets on your floorboard? This app has a convenient “Parking Meter” timer that notifies you when your time is almost up so that you can put in more change or get a move on.

3) Skype: Grand kids in Boston, college roommates in Tallahassee, siblings in California…no problem! Skype is the best way to connect with friends and/or family members who may live far away. The best part? You can connect with them face to face via your screen. This is much more personal and more fun than a phone conversation.

4) Find my iPhone: This handy app is extremely useful for everyone, not just seniors. Everyone has lost their phone or iPad at one point or another, and this app can assist in the search to find all lost iOS devices. If the device may have been stolen or is out of your boundaries, the app allows you to remotely lock the device so that no one can get into your phone.

5) EyeReader: The Eye Reader app is another very practical tool for those who find reading their paperwork or books (all those tiny words that run together!) a hassle. This app acts as a magnifying glass. Just hold your iPhone in front of a book, magazine, file, etc. to view a crystal clear version of the text. It also comes with a light to help brighten the space and make for an easier read!

6) Voice Reading: This is the perfect app for those who get fed up with reading long e-mails or content on the web. Simply allow it to read aloud to you any text you desire so that you can just sit back and listen.

7) Luminosity: The ideal app for keeping your brain sharp and you on your feet! With Luminosity, you can entertain yourself (and others!) by playing fun brain games designed to help users exercise their minds and train their memories and attention spans.

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