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Travel Tips for Seniors on the Go

Staying active is good for people of all ages. The need to travel, explore and experience new and exciting places does not wane with age. Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean the traveling needs to come to an end. With these tips and tricks for senior citizens on the go, you’ll be ready to hit the road right away.

1) Travel Insurance is an option for all travelers, but senior citizens are most likely to use it. You should check with your medical insurance provider to see how this works, especially if you are traveling overseas.

2) Packing light is a must! Even if you are going somewhere for a long period of time, keep in mind that you can pack light and simply do laundry more often. Your shoulders, back and knees will thank you!

3) Do you take prescription medication or daily pills of any kind? Make sure you bring a full supply with you and keep them in their original containers. If you are traveling overseas, pharmacists there may be unfamiliar with some brand names, so it may help for them to see the original container so that they can provide you with a generic brand.

4) If you are staying in a hotel throughout your travels, it is usually best to request a ground floor room, especially if you have trouble with stairs. You may want to also ask about elevators, distance to train/bus stations/airport, etc. before you book the hotel.

5) Try to make as many arrangements AHEAD of time that you can. Wheelchairs, guide dogs, seating needs, etc. should definitely be planned out ahead of time. This will make for less trip anxiety!

6) Riding in the car for a long period of time? Unfortunately, this can bring about back pain, stiffness in your neck, leg pain, diminished arm strength, etc. Be sure to bring plenty of water so as not to become dehydrated (bathroom breaks are ok!) and pain relief such as Tylenol or Aspirin. Fun games to play in the car (if you are not the driver, of course!) are always a must. Crossword puzzles and sudoku never fail to make a car trip pass quickly!

Age is merely a number and it doesn’t have to limit you to living life to the fullest and fulfilling your travel curiosities. But remember, know your limits! Feeling tired? Take a break! Thirsty? Grab some water! Most importantly, enjoy your travels!

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