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What to Expect with Assisted Living

Sometimes it may be a bit confusing to decide whether to make the move to a seniors-only community or an assisted living facility. It’s important to understand what exactly comes with assisted living, to see if it fits you or your family member’s needs before you decide to make that move. Let’s look a little deeper and see exactly what assisted living entails.

According to the National Caregivers Library, assisted living facilities are there for those who need very little daily care. They will, however, help out with some little medical needs such as medication or occasional nursing care. Take an audit of you or your family member’s medical needs and think if assisted living is the best option. If you or your family member require a wheelchair for daily movement, have a mental impairment, or show symptoms like wandering then it is generally not recommended to move into an assisted living facility, as more direct care may be needed.

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The idea of assisted living facilities is for the resident to maintain their independence as long as possible. In assisted living facilities, one should expect to be treated with dignity, have the freedom to interact with family and friends both inside and outside of the facility, the ability to bring and keep personal possessions, and self-control of one’s finances; among others.

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Typically, one lives on their own while in assisted living. Be it in an apartment or townhouse, typically you can expect to have a private or semi-private residence. There is no hard-fast and a steady rule about furnishing the living spaces, however. Both furnished and unfurnished options are available, and prices vary depending on what you choose. While services and choices do vary widely, generally, one can expect assisted living to include assistance with daily activities, dining programs, educational programs, exercise classes, health services, housekeeping, laundry services, and transportation services. It is important to get a full list of services offered from each facility as one begins to research their options.

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In terms of costs, that also varies greatly depending upon location and services needed by the individual. On average, one can expect to pay around $2,000 per month in assisted living, however, that can also range from as low as $500 per month all the way to $3,500 per month. It’s also important to look at financial help options, as some states offer assistance via Medicaid, Supplementary Security Income, or Social Services Block Grant programs. Compared to living on your own in a senior community, it is very likely that assisted living will be more expensive. However, if you or your family member do need a little assistance throughout the day to have a good quality of life, then assisted living is money well spent.

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Between senior neighborhoods, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, it can be hard to decide which service is best for you or your family member. Each option offers very particular services that cater to people at different stages of life. Be sure to understand what each facility offers to know which option best fits your needs. Once you have decided which option is best, let match you up with the facility that will meet your needs and welcome you to your new home!

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